TV Photo Slideshow

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Creating a Photo Slideshow

TV photo slideshow - presenting images on a television set

Digital photography is increasingly superseding chemical film. Instead of pictures being put in an album, they are now copied onto a CD or DVD for viewing on a computer screen.

New HDTV televisions have PC connections and high resolution, are fantastically sharp with great colour saturation and are opening up a whole new world when it comes to presenting slide shows on 50-inch flat-screen TVs. Slide screens are a thing of the past. Now it's all about cinemascope flat-screen TVs that can display colours in a far more exciting way than was ever possible on a projection screen. While the old slide magazines used to take up space in entire cupboards, the equivalent of up to 5,000 slides can now be conveniently saved on a CD or DVD.

Photo Slideshow on a TV set
Full HD Plasma TV
Photo Slideshow on a TV set


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